Since 1991, Redwings has quarantined and screened over 4,000 horses for strangles as they arrived at the sanctuary.

Around 8% of arrivals test positive for the disease - including hidden strangles carriers. No horse is released from quarantine until we know they are free of infection.

In 2017 Redwings won the Animal Health Trust's prestigious Health and Welfare award for its work to help protect horses from strangles.

In 25 years of rescuing horses with strangles, Redwings has experienced just one strangles outbreak outside a quarantine area.

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Redwings is an industry-leader in strangles prevention, screening, management and treatment.

We contribute to research and our vets are regularly called on to share their expertise through talks, demonstrations and published articles and by sharing the protocols they have developed.

Download strangles carrier treatment protocol Download Redwings new arrivals screening protocol

Redwings' strangles milestones

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