Debbie's story

Number of horses infected:
Year of outbreak:

It was a rubbish year. We had lost my horse to Atypical Myopathy and come close to losing my son's. We moved to a new yard and  bought a new horse who about 12 days later had a slight cough when ridden and a small nasal discharge. The vet thought it was another respiratory bug but swabbed to be safe. By the time we got the results he was fine. Our 2 were in a field away from the others so they stayed there and the rest of the yard stayed in. The horse that recovered from AM got it but had no symptoms. We told everyone we had been in contact with. But the abuse from other horse owners was despicable. The gossip was so far off the mark it was on another planet. Another owner got vile abuse via social media for "going out to competitions" when her horse was injured and on box rest. I can understand why people keep it quiet.