Lisa's story

Why are people so irresponsible? I moved from a strangles free part of the country and was shocked and dismayed to find that there are so many irresponsible and uncaring horse owners in my new area. There is a big out break of strangles on our yard, brought in by new liveries who then left 2 weeks later and have been moving around ever since. We have had a lot of suffering. These people, including another yard owner have told clients that if they say any thing they will be kicked off the yard. The yard has been holding pony club camps and have been out to shows. The vets know about it all but say they are powerless to do any thing because it is not a notifiable disease.

This disease needs to be notifiable! So what if we look like the bad guys as per your video! Totally disagreed with that! At least the horses won't have to go through hell. There have been 2 deaths in the neighbouring yard.