Are you a yard manager?

I pledge to:

Request my clients follow a yard agreement

Reduce strangles risk by screening new horses

Respond immediately if strangles is suspected

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Are you a horse owner?

I pledge to:

Champion yard agreements and good hygiene

Communicate openly and respectfully about strangles

Clear my horse of becoming a strangles carrier after infection

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The benefits of pledging…

All pledgers receive a #StampOutStrangles certificate as well as practical e-alerts to help them stay a step ahead of strangles.

Yard pledgers also receive a strangles information pack with resources to help raise awareness among their liveries.

Together we can Stamp Out Strangles in our horses, on our yards and across the UK!

Promote the pledge to your horsey network...

Tackling strangles is a team effort - the more people who use their pledge to improve biosecurity, the fewer places strangles will have to hide. Please use the share buttons to ask them to take action...


Pledging shows you are serious about horse health, connects you to a fast-growing, proactive network and makes YOUR voice heard.

Remember that effective biosecurity practices cannot offer cast-iron protection against an outbreak, but they will dramatically reduce your risk.

To help ensure the Stamp Out Strangles pledge is helping to make a difference, we will contact a random sample of pledgers each year to carry out a short survey with those who are happy to take part.