I pledge to:

Request my clients follow a yard agreement

Reduce strangles risk by screening new horses

Respond immediately if strangles is suspected


I pledge to:

Champion yard agreements and good hygiene

Communicate openly and respectfully about strangles

Clear my horse of becoming a strangles carrier after infection


I pledge to:

Check my own biosecurity practices regularly

Help make biosecurity a normal topic of conversation

Signpost clients to helpful advice and guidance

Strangles pack
Ben and Annabel

"We've taken the pledge - it's good for our business, our clients and all the horses!"

Ben & Annabel

Livery yard managers

No horse is allowed to enter our yard or paddocks now without having undertaken the strangles blood test. We are also a ‘pledged yard’ with Redwings to stamp out strangles, their site is a fantastic source of information.


Horse owner

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