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Horse owners are 8 times more likely to seek advice from a vet rather than a friend at times of an outbreak.
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43% of strangles-positive horses arriving at Redwings are carriers – all treated successfully!
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Redwings vets regularly share their strangles expertise across the industry

Temperature check challenge

Find out about the Strangles Awareness Week temperature check challenge. Enter your horse's temperature readings during Strangles Awareness Week and be in with a chance to win some amazing prizes.

Help spread the word and not the disease #SAW2023

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Vets and Professionals are on the frontline of protecting the UK’s horses from infectious diseases.

Join the growing community championing good biosecurity and transparency by pledging today: this public commitment provides with you with resources to help your clients and promote best practice when it comes to protecting horses from the disease.

Strangles Pack for clients

Give horse owners confidence at times of an outbreak and share Redwings’ peer-reviewed strangles information pack.

It's a free resource for vets to share with clients and has BEVA endorsement.

Complete your details and we’ll get up to 10 packs in the post to you, or download and share the online version here.

Client evening

“I recently attended a very good talk by our equine vet. I found it really informative and it cleared up any misconceptions I had about strangles.” Respondent to Redwings' strangles survey.

Client evenings are a great way of raising awareness of strangles and sharing advice on good biosecurity. Download our strangles presentation to use or adapt for your own practice events.

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Clearing carriers protocol

Our Strangles Carrier Protocol is used to treat all new arrivals who are found to asymptomatic carriers of the disease.

The protocol successfully cleared 37 strangles carriers arriving at the sanctuary between 2011 and 2016

Download Carrier Treatment Protocol

Practical Approaches to Managing Strangles

Redwings' Senior Veterinary Surgeon Nicky Jarvis presented a current overview of strangles and how to prevent and manage the disease at the 2018 London Vet Show.

Don’t worry if you missed it, Nicky’s presentation is free to download here.

Download presentation

Farriers biosecurity tips

Redwings and the team at Stromsholm Ltd have teamed up to share some top tips for farriers. Download the free guidance to make sure you’re protecting horses and your business from strangles as you move from yard to yard.

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