Sarah's story

We are one of the biggest livery and training yards in our local area, with around 50 horses living here at any time. Unfortunately, we have had two strangles outbreaks in the past, and the apathy, anxiety and frustration that develop among owners cannot be underestimated. The veterinary costs involved are huge, not to mention the fact that people can’t take part in competitions, fun rides, hacks or clinics or any of the other activities that are such a big part of owning and enjoying a horse.

After enduring a second strangles outbreak, we decided to take proactive steps to drastically reduce the risk of strangles finding its way onto our yard again. We worked with our vet to introduce a quarantine and blood screening policy for all new arrivals in 2015 and have never looked back!

The policy has only been positive for the business, there have been no adverse impacts at all and all our liveries appreciate and support the efforts we take to help protect their horses. We always have a waiting list for places at the yard and I know that if any of our owners had to move for any reason, they would actively look for a yard that offered the same level of protection they have become used to here at Rollestone.