Alex's story

Number of horses infected:
Year of outbreak:

New pony was bought by girl that shared facilities I rented. 2 weeks later her other pony showed symptoms, ours had not been able to touch or in contact through myself or other lady. Vet was eventually called and misdiagnosed. As this was a vet I used to use despite my gut feeling a water source was shared at this point and my little mare was sadly infected, luckily I picked this up quickly and my vet was able to diagnose with much less symptoms obvious. As she is old and has Cushing's we nearly lost her. My other mare was clear and promptly separated from the other. Fencing, equipment, and myself was disinfected very regularly and my little mare had guttural washes until clear . The local dealer where the original carrier came from made no check her other horses or provide details of where the mare was prior to her yard.