Horse looking over stable doors

1996 - A landmark 
animal welfare case

In 1996, in a landmark animal welfare case, the MacGregors refused to hand a pony back to its owner who had been found guilty of causing it suffering. After a year of legal wranglings a judge agreed and the pony – known as Target - went on to lead a very safe and happy life at SWHP.

One of the last horses to be rescued by Jenny was Ginger, following a report by a concerned member of the public near Ebbw Vale. Her feet were in a shocking state and on the advice of the vet her owner signed her over to SWHP. After wonderful care from the staff and the farrier she made a full recovery and became best friends with an ex racehorse called Breeze.


The SWHP logo, which was hand-drawn by Alasdair MacGregor

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