Redwings' 2015 strangles outbreak animation

In February 2015, we experienced an outbreak of strangles in one of our resident herds.

The outbreak saw 30 horses test positive for strangles, many more horses requiring testing and thousands of pounds spent during an eight-month battle with the disease.

Although our team is highly experienced in managing and treating strangles in rescue cases, this was the first time in 23 years that we'd had an outbreak in one of our resident herds, and we felt it essential to speak out immediately.

Eager to encourage others to #SpeakOutOnStrangles, we launched a 2016 Strangles Survey as part of our overall campaign to Stamp Out Strangles.

Findings from the survey later influenced the production of a second edition of the charity's popular strangles information pack, which you can download for free here.