Speak out on strangles!

Strangles is a disease that is shrouded in myths and legends. Redwings is asking horse owners and yard managers to get clued up on the facts by reading our information and prevention pack. 

You can download a copy of Strangles: Speak Out here, or you can request one by calling 01508 481008 or emailing us with your address at welfare@redwings.co.uk

 Strangles is the most commonly diagnosed equine infectious disease in the world. Because it is contagious, it is widely feared by owners and many feel they will be ostracized by others on their yard if they suspect their horse has the disease. This hinders a quick diagnosis and leaves other horses on the yard at risk of catching the disease. 

Redwings has released ‘Strangles: Speak Out!’ - a comprehensive information pack and an all-in-one toolkit for horse owners, yard managers and show organisers. 

The wipe-clean pack gives guidance on how to:

- spot the signs of the disease
- set up your own quarantine facility
- prevent the disease in the first place
- cope with an outbreak

It also contains wipe clean quarantine signage and an A3 poster aimed at getting yard members to talk about the disease. 
Request a pack by calling us on 01508 481008 or email your postal address to us at welfare@redwings.co.uk
Staff Training! 
We have also put together two presentations that yard managers can use to help train their staff to gain a better understanding of the disease. Use these presentations in conjunction with Strangles: Speak Out.

Part One:
> Key Facts about Strangles (PDF)
> Notes for the speaker (PDF) 

Part Two:
> Preparing for Strangles (PDF) 
> Notes for the speaker (PDF) 

Advice for vets

Our protocol for treating strangles carriers has been developed by Redwings welfare veterinary surgeons Nic de Brauwere and Roxane Kirton.

Download our Strangles Protocol here.

Our vets are happy to provide advice to those working with atypical strangles cases, please email education@redwings.co.uk.