Special care for a special foal

We are delighted to be able to tell you that gorgeous Rocket is making fantastic progress in the knowledgeable hands of our veterinary team.

So many people were touched by the rescue of Rocket and his mum Star in October and we were overwhelmed by the donations and messages of support for this little foal when he so sadly lost his mum at just a few weeks old.

Sadly, Star’s internal organs had been so badly damaged by her severe worm burden that she could not be saved. Losing his mum was a huge blow to Rocket and he needed round the clock care from our veterinary and night teams to help him adjust both physically and psychologically to his loss. Busy as they are, our veterinary nurses would make time to keep him company and provide reassurance for grieving Rocket, and help him to keep eating.

Foster mum Queenie was a godsend. Having already been a foster mum to rescued foal Shaking Stephen in 2013, we knew that Queenie was an exceptionally maternal mare and sure enough, she took little Rocket under her wing and was the role model, security and companion that he desperately needed.

With Queenie by his side, Rocket began to eat well and enjoy short periods of time out on grass. He has been gradually gaining condition and now weighs in at a very healthy 70kg!

Rocket has a slight deformity in his hind legs, the joint just above his hoof not having straightened up as much as it would normally. Our fantastic farriers therefore made Rocket his own little plastic shoes, which are specially designed to help his tendons and muscles strengthen, and straighten his joints – he certainly has had no trouble careering round his paddock when he's let out with his foster mum!

Seeing Rocket full of life, whickering for his feeds and enjoying cuddles from staff is one of the best starts to 2016 for everyone here at Redwings. This tiny chap is still not even six months old and has been through so much at such a heart-breakingly young age. He is just one of so many very special residents who remind us yet again just what we are here for.

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