Pony in a 'Pickle' now doing well in Redwings' care

A pony who had an untreated eye injury is recovering in Redwings’ care in Norfolk after having the eye removed.

Pickle, as she has been named, had surgery in our Equine Reception Centre within 24 hours of being signed over to us, and whilst still under quarantine conditions.

The piebald Cob filly is just four or five months old.

Julie Harding, Senior Field Officer and Reception Centre Manager, said: “Unfortunately, circumstances meant her owner wasn’t able to provide the veterinary attention she needed, and they agreed to sign her over to us so that her welfare could be secured.

“We think she probably scratched her eye on some fencing, causing the initial injury, followed by a serious infection.

“Thanks to our brilliant Reception Centre team, she had the treatment she needed within 24 hours of her coming into us.”

Nicola Berryman, one of Redwings’ Welfare Veterinary Surgeons, performed the operation. She said: “Pickle was in a great amount of pain when she arrived, and she couldn’t see out of her eye, so the best option was to remove it.

“Things were looking a little shaky for a few days due to problems linked to a high worm burden, but she was in the very best place with the very best care and some special company – Phoenix the foal’s old teddy bear. Our supporters will remember much-missed Phoenix’ story, who we lost just before Christmas despite all efforts possible to help him recover from extensive burns. For our dedicated nursing team, seeing her with his favourite toy was heart-breaking and heart-warming all at the same time.

“She’s adapted so well to having one eye, and it doesn’t seem to be phasing her at all. We’re so thrilled that she’s come through it and is now doing great.”

So great, in fact, that Pickle – accidentally named by a member of staff - has just been turned out on grass at one of our Norfolk sites, which is closed to the public. Once she’s ready, she’ll be moved to one of our other centres.

Pickle is one of 55 equines in Redwings’ care with sight loss or impairment.

As a charity 100% funded by donations, it is thanks to the generosity of our supporters that Redwings is able to take in and care for ponies like Pickle.

If you’d like to make a donation please call 01508 505246 or visit www.redwings.org.uk/donate.