Adoption Star birthday parties will take place online!

Adoption Star birthday party season would normally be just around the corner, but sadly this year we’re once again unable to host the parties at our visitor centres. Instead we’re bringing the celebrations online so that you can still get involved!

During the parties, the Stars would normally parade in front of their fans and pose for photos after receiving a pampering and groom from their carers. That’s all before tucking into their very own cake! Unfortunately coronavirus restrictions mean that the parties will not be able to take place this year.

But don't fret! This year, for each Adoption Star’s birthday, their carers will still be spoiling them with a birthday groom and a delicious cake, but you will have the chance to design it! All you have to do is send your design, which could include their favourite carrot and ginger biscuit treats, to The Adoption Star's carers will pick their favourite design to create before presenting it to them and reading them their lovely birthday cards from their fans far and wide!

Another way to get involved is by treating your Adoption Star to a gift from their special birthday wishlist, which has been lovingly put together by their carers. They include tasty treats, headcollars, haynets and playballs for them to enjoy in their paddock!

In August, Shire cross Fox turned 12, donkey duo Timothy & Cain turned 13 (teenagers!), lovable Minnie and handsome Zippy will both turned 14, mule Noah turned 19, gorgeous Gulliver turned 15 and the baby of this month's group, Shire horse Lady, turned five.

You can find Fox's Amazon Wishlist here.

You can find Timothy & Cain's Amazon Wishlist here.

You can find Minnie's Amazon Wishlist here.

You can find Zippy's Amazon Wishlist here.

You can find Noah's Amazon Wishlist here.

You can find Gulliver's Amazon Wishlist here.

You can find Lady's Amazon Wishlist here.

In September, Native cross Lily will be turning 11, while donkey Dotty will be 6!

You can find Lily's Amazon Wishlist here.

You can find Dotty's Amazon Wishlist here.

And out last birthday of the year will be Esther's who is turning 14 in October!

You can find Esther's Amazon Wishlist here.

If you’re an adopter, you’ll be able to login to your Star's online blog to see photos from their big day, including exclusive videos.

You’ll also find a photo round up on our social media pages.

To find out more about adopting, or to meet our Adoption Stars, click here.