We're pulling together for the love of our horses

The fast-paced and changing nature of the Covid-19 pandemic means we’re all coping with unprecedented levels of uncertainty. But at Redwings, one thing that has not changed is our responsibility to the horses and donkeys in our Sanctuary: they are counting on us now, more than ever.

We’re working hard to prepare for the many challenges that the next few months may bring. We are already seeing an impact on our staffing levels, equine supplies, visitor centre operations and the way that we are able to raise money to fund the care of our 1,500 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules.

But our priority is - and will always be - to ensure that each of our horses and donkeys is safe, healthy and well looked after.

We are working hard to minimise the impact of Covid-19 on our Sanctuary. So far, we have:

  • deployed office staff to help care for our horse and donkey herds, helping with tasks such as filling haynets and cleaning water tanks
  • placed orders for contingency stocks of hay, feed and bedding for our horses
  • closed our visitor centres to the public so that we can concentrate on equine care
  • taken steps to support and protect our staff, including vets and horse care teams

The need to change how our Sanctuary operates will increase over the coming weeks as many of our staff will need to stay at home with children, or to self-isolate. With so many animals in our care, our staff are our lifeblood. Over 200 paid staff care for our horses and donkeys, either by providing direct care or by working in one of our support teams. Looking after our staff, as well as our horses, is therefore crucial.

Our staff are pulling together for the love of our horses, and you can join us too.

Redwings is 100% funded by public donations. This means that, during these difficult times, it is your donations that will ensure we have the additional funds we may need over the coming months.

We know that you too will be faced with challenges, but if you can, please consider making a donation to Redwings today. It could well be your gift that we rely on over the coming months.

You can donate online below, or text HORSE 20 to 70085 to donate £20. All texts cost the donation amount plus a standard rate message.

We appreciate that not everyone will be able to afford to make a financial donation at this time, so here are some other ways you could help us today:

  • Collect together your unwanted goods so that we can sell them to raise funds. We welcome your good quality new or preloved items such as clothing and homewares, as well as stamps and collectibles.
  • Join us over on our social media pages; like and share our posts to help spread some positivity from our four-legged friends.

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