Lifelong care for rescued horses and donkeys

Head-to-hoof healthy horses and donkeys are our priority at Redwings. And regular dental checks are a vital part of the lifelong care that every rescued horse and donkey in our Sanctuary receives.

Support us this autumn to help provide essential check-ups for our rescued residents and keep our herds happy and healthy all winter long.

Did you know that horses spend around 16 hours grazing each day? With so much chewing and grinding, it’s vital that our herds have healthy teeth and gums. And just like humans, horses and donkeys need regular dental checks.

Every one of our rescued horses and donkeys has a dental check-up with a veterinary surgeon or qualified equine dental technician at least once a year to check for and help prevent problems. With 1,500 horses and donkeys in our care that’s a lot of mouths – and a lot of teeth – to keep healthy!

Healthy teeth, happy horses

Dental problems such as overgrown or misaligned teeth, abscesses and gum disease can not only be painful for our horses, but they can affect a horse’s ability to eat and lead to other serious problems. For example, problems that prevent horses chewing properly could result in life-threatening conditions such as choke and colic as a result of half-chewed food getting stuck in the gut.

The many elderly horses in our care need more regular dentist visits as their teeth come to the end of their working life. As their teeth wear out, older horses may find it difficult to chew long fibre foods like hay, or struggle to pick up grass. We give some of our older horses special feeds of soaked high-fibre cubes at regular intervals to satisfy their need to constantly eat throughout the day.

Young or old, every dental check a horse in our Sanctuary receives is funded by our supporters. By donating today, you can help us continue providing the best daily – and lifelong – care to our rescued horses and donkeys. Thank you for making a difference.

Help provide lifelong care for rescued horses and donkeys

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