Straight from the horse's mouth!

Redwings has launched a brand-new podcast to share stories of our rescued horses and donkeys, and conversations with our expert rescuers and carers.

This #InternationalPodcastDay on 30th September, we're celebrating by announcing our podcast series, called Sounds of the Sanctuary.

The weekly podcast takes listeners on a journey through the Sanctuary, with a spotlight each week on a rescued resident and their care, plus conversations with the vets, nurses, carers and support teams who make it possible.

Listeners can expect to go behind-the-scenes and discover more about our facilities normally closed to the public, such as its specialist Reception Centre for new arrivals, Horse Hospital, Behaviour Centre and Rehoming Centres.

We've also produced a sister podcast, called Field Notes, involving sit down chats with our experienced team, delving deeper into the equine care and welfare issues they frequently encounter and sharing their top tips along the way, from worming to land management, basic training to creating the perfect paddock.

The first three episodes of Sounds of the Sanctuary and Field Notes are already available to download from all major streaming platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. The most recent episode features an update on Phoenix, the foal who was left with life-threatening burns after an arson attack, as his vet shares the latest news on his progress.

New episodes of Sounds of the Sanctuary will be released on Mondays, and Field Notes on Wednesdays.

Find out about the latest episodes below:

Epsiode 10

In this final episode of Sounds of the Sanctuary this series we discover more about Redwings Matty and his Guardian Sarah. Matty came to Redwings as an emaciated orphan foal with a wound to his hoof. At the Sanctuary he met Sarah, one of our veterinary surgeons, and it was love at first sight. Four years later Sarah rehomed Matty, and in this episode you will find out more about their lives together, plus get a ring-side seat at the Norfolk Equestrian Show as they take to the show ring together. In Field Notes, Rehoming Administration Manager Amber Fix talks us through how you can become a Redwings Guardian!






Episode Nine

The penultimate episode of the series tells the story of Esther, a little donkey who was rescued from appalling conditions when she was just two months old. We head to Redwings Caldecott, where she lives, to speak to equine carer Jess Cook about our largest long-eared herd, plus we drop into the visitor centre's gift shop to catch-up with Retail Development Manager Gareth Austin-Mills who explains some of the products supporters can purchase to help fund the care of Esther and her friends, providing some perfect Christmas shopping ideas! In Field Notes, Welfare Vet Nicola Berryman talks us through the differences between horses, donkeys and mules and their individual care needs.







Episode Eight

This week, Head of Welfare & Behaviour Nic de Brauwere discusses the challenges of welfare work and the large scale rescues Redwings often gets asked to help with. Then Welfare Veterinary Surgeon Alex Gibbons tells us all about Arista's rescue and the ongoing care she continues to receive at the Sanctuary. In Field Notes, we are once again joined by Nic who explains more about the laws that protect animal welfare, how we work with them when we attend rescues and the latest legislative updates.






Episode Seven

This week, Welfare Vet Nicola Berryman tells us how she worked with the Redwings vet teams to save the life of a pony called Arthur, who was rescued from Bodmin Moor. Meanwhile, Nursing Manager Louise Gedge shines a spotlight on the work of our veterinary nursing team, and tells us how horses can donate blood! Then, podcast hosts Steph, Jude and Jennie chat with Redwings CEO Lynn Cutress as we pay tribute to Phoenix, the foal who came to Redwings after being the victim of a cruel arson attack and who sadly passed away last month. We remember him, and honour the enormous impact he had on our staff and supporters alike.

In Field Notes, we sit down once again with Head of Welfare & Behaviour Nic de Brauwere to talk about how we've worked with our partners on projects to help the ponies living on our nation's moors and commons.






Episode Six

In this episode you can discover more about the care we provide in the Sanctuary as we share the story of Gibson - a Redwings Adoption Star who came to Redwings Mountains as an orphaned foal at just two days old. Welfare Vet Nicola Berryman talks us through what happens when foals are born to rescued mares at the Sanctuary, and Equine Behaviour Manager Sarah tells us how we go about training foals to set them up for success as they grow up. Meanwhile Kirsten from Redwings Mountains tells us all about Gibson's story and how the team at Mountains, along with the help of some all-important foster parents, raised him to be the star he is today!

Please note: This episode includes a section on our dear resident Phoenix, a foal who came to Redwings after being the victim of a cruel arson attack. He sadly passed away not long after this was recorded. In this episode you can join us as we deliver his early morning feed and spend time with him in his stable. 

In Field Notes, Research & Policy Manager Helen Whitelegg talks us through some basic horsey body language and how we can use this to communicate and interact with our four-legged friends.




Epsiode Five:

In this week's episode we meet Riley  - a hinny who came to Redwings with very challenging behavioural needs, and spent time at our specialist Behaviour Centre,  as our teams pulled together to ensure he could live a peaceful, stress-free life - a far cry from what he had known. Hear from Senior Veterinary Surgeon Nic De Brauwere as he tells us the steps our veterinary teams took to try and help Riley and Equine Behaviour Manager Sarah as she tells us how her team, along with the help of two very special donkeys, finally managed to create the perfect environment for Riley. In Field Notes, Sarah shares even more of her knowledge as she tells us how you can create the perfect natural environment for horses. 





Episode Four

In this episode we speak once again to Rachel Angell, Head of Norfolk Equine Operations who tells us why rehoming is such an important part of Redwings' work. Plus Rehoming Senior Team Leaders Kayleigh and Lucy share with us more about how they prepare horses for their new homes, and Jade tells us all about our exciting new rehoming facilities at Redwings Oxhill in Warwickshire. In Field Notes, Rachel is back to talk about how our rehoming team prepeares horses for their new homes - with lots of practical advice for owners training their own horses too!






Episode Three

In this week’s Sounds of the Sanctuary, we share the story of Faith – a cob cross found abandoned in a field, so emaciated and weak that she was unable to stand.  Once at Redwings, Faith was supported by our specialist Anderson sling – a life-saving resource made possible by our veterinary and maintenance teams. Senior Veterinary Surgeon Nicky Jarvis returns to talk about why a sling is essential in cases like Faith’s, and hear from Maintenance Foreman Karl Boggis who helps to install and maintain such vital equipment. Plus in this episode, we have a special update on Phoenix – the little foal who suffered horrific burns in a suspected arson attack. Meanwhile, in Field Notes, we sit down with Head of Norfolk Equine Operations Rachel Angell to talk about the importance of good pasture management for horses.






Episode Two

Our second episode of Sounds of Sanctuary we introduce you to Amigo – a cob living with the long-term effects of liver damage, which means he will require specialist care for the rest of his life. Meet vet Nicola Berryman who helped care for him, plus the team at Redwings Aylsham who continue to provide all the care he needs. You can also discover more about visiting Redwings, and meet Amigo himself! This week’s Field Notes episode includes Redwings’ Head of Veterinary Services Nicky Jarvis to talk about all things worms, parasites and poisonous plants – something that sadly caused Amigo to suffer the damage to his liver.






Episode One

In our first episode of Sounds of the Sanctuary, we share the story of Matilda – a young cob who was discovered in very poor condition.
Meet the team who saved her and continue to provide her with all the loving care she needs, and find out more about our specialist Reception Centre for new arrivals. In our sister episode of Field Notes, we sit down with Senior Campaigns Officer Helen Whitelegg to talk about the basic care every horse needs to enjoy a happy and healthy life – something that was sadly not given to Matilda.