Phoenix Fights: Week Eight

Phoenix remains as well as can be and as affectionate as ever with his carers.

He still has a very long way to go in his recovery but his bright demeanour and his ability to cope well with his intensive treatments and frequent bandage changes inspire us to keep fighting for him.

His love of making new friends was on full display this week when large Clydesdale Boo came into the Horse Hospital for a dental check-up.

Long time supporters of Redwings may be familiar with 24-year-old Boo. This gentle giant has been a permanent resident at our headquarters since 2009 having been blinded in a despicable act of cruelty.

Boo’s story was the focus of our Christmas animation last year, which you can watch here

Phoenix and Boo - Copy.jpg

When Phoenix met Boo!

During his hospital visit, Boo made sure to say hello to Phoenix and carefully gave him a sniff and a nuzzle. It was very amusing to see one of our largest horses introduce himself to one of our smallest and youngest. We wondered if Boo was passing on any tips on being a world-famous Redwings resident?!

Phoenix has also recently received another visit from the farriers. As well as treatments for his wounds, it’s important that he follows a routine care programme too which includes regular foot checks and trims.

Yet again he was a little star and stood nicely for the farrier. Talking about stars, perhaps he was just keen to show off his latest space-themed vet wrap design?! Well done to our vet nurses who continue to come up with such colourful and cheerful creations.

Main 2 - Phoenix Fights Week 8 blog Oct 2021.jpeg

Phoenix is getting used to his farrier visits.

Phoenix was also paid a visit by well-known equestrian Lucy Robinson, who spent an afternoon at Redwings’ headquarters filming an educational piece on behalf of the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI). She couldn’t help popping her head over his stable door and giving him a little scratch.

We know many of you are keen to see Phoenix but please be aware that currently, as he lives at one of our sites closed to the public and is still undergoing intensive treatment, any visitors he receives are specially invited and kept to a minimum. 

If you follow Lucy on Instagram (@footluceeventing) you may have seen Phoenix pop up in her Stories. She very kindly asked her followers, if they could, to keep supporting his care at the Hospital – thank you Lucy!

Did you know that every time we change Phoenix’s specialist bandages, which takes place every one to two days, it costs £250? We are so incredibly grateful for everyone’s support so far, but we hope this little stat goes some way to highlight the cost of caring for Phoenix every day.

We, of course, do this gladly, but as a registered charity 100% funded by donations from the public, we need your help. If able to, you can support our vet team by calling 01508 481000 or by clicking here.

Thank you #RedwingsAngels