Stephen Fry lends his voice to Boo's moving story

Actor and writer Stephen Fry has lent his voice to a new animation promoting the work of Redwings this Christmas.

The former Norfolk native has kindly voiced our radio promotions for many years, but this festive period he has supported a new animation which tells the sad but inspirational story of Clydesdale horse Boo.

Boo is one of more than 1,500 rescued horses, ponies, donkeys and mules living at our sanctuary sites across the UK.

This stunning gentle giant was callously shot by intruders at point blank range in the eye with an air rifle in early 2009. This horrific attack was doubly distressing for Boo as he had already lost one eye to cancer, which meant he was left completely blind.

Having been offered a new home at the Sanctuary, Boo – now 23 years old – continues to live happily at Redwings’ headquarters with his field companion and ‘seeing eye’ horse Flynn.

His moving story is now the subject of a beautiful animation by Norwich-based creatives Immersive Studios, released as part of our latest festive fundraising campaign.

Redwings is 100% funded by donations from the public and Boo’s dedicated care, and that received by his fellow rescued friends at the Sanctuary, is all thanks to the kindness of our supporters.

Commenting on his involvement in the animation, Stephen Fry said: “I was touched and delighted to be given the opportunity to tell Boo’s story and be part of Redwings’ continued hard work and care for distressed horses.”

Lynn Cutress, Chief Executive, said: “We love to share stories of our most recent rescues and their recoveries, but Boo is a shining symbol of the specialist care and love our teams give to our long-term residents every day - something they worked incredibly hard to continue throughout the coronavirus lockdowns this year.

“Having survived such an appalling act of cruelty, we never fail to be amazed and moved by the trust Boo places in us every day and we couldn’t think of a better resident to pay tribute to in our new animation. It’s been made even more special by the wonderful Stephen Fry agreeing to voice Boo’s story, for which we’re very thankful.

“With lockdowns restricting access to our visitor centres and leading to the cancellation of fundraising activities this year, we wanted to devise a creative way to raise awareness of our work while people stayed at home and we hope our animation will inspire as many as possible to help us help more brave horses in need, like Boo, this Christmas and into the future.”