Redwings supports National Laminitis Awareness Day

On Friday 10th July, we joined NKC Equestrian Training in providing support, management tips and expert advice for horse owners on laminitis for National Laminitis Awareness Day.

The annual day was established to raise awareness around this painful hoof condition and bring the latest evidence-based recommendations to owners. 

On the day, two live expert training sessions were delivered online, allowing owners from around the world to connect, share their stories and ask question.

Among the speakers was Veterinary Surgeon Roxane Kirton, representing Redwings, who was joined by Dr Ruth Morgan from The University of Edinburgh, talking about the science behind obesity and how to feed the overweight or laminitic horse. 

Underlying factors for obesity and laminitis were highlighted, and practical suggestions including the use of good quality straw as part of a forage ration were outlined. They also explained the results of a collaborative weight management study, which was conducted at Redwings. You can read more about this study by clicking here.

Among the other speakers were Dr Dee Pollard, who presented a talk on what laminitis is and how to recognise and manage the condition. 

Click here to see a recording of the talks. You can watch Roxane and Ruth's talk from 48 minutes in.

National Laminitis Awareness Day is the brainchild of Nicola Kinnard-Comedie, owner and founder of NKC Equestrian Training.

She said: "Some owners think that an bout of laminitis is ‘normal’ for their horse, but with such improved understanding we can do so much more to support horses and ponies at risk. As with many areas of horse care there are many myths and conflicting advice so I wanted to offer the latest veterinary recommendations to help owners."

Click here to find out more about laminitis and to download a free information leaflet.