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Stamp out strangles

The Redwings Strangles Hub is a one-stop shop for information, inspiration, and practical ideas to help you stay in control when it comes to the most common equine infectious disease. Our mission is to stamp out strangles!

Fireworks special


Loud, bright and alarming to animals, wildlife and people alike, we have lost three much-loved Redwings residents to fireworks-related incidents. We are campaigning for restrictions and responsible use of fireworks to enable celebration without sacrifice.

We are part of the Fireworks Working Group and work closely with the RSPCA in addition to producing materials to protect horses at times when fireworks are more commonly used.

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Weight Management

Excess fat on horses can have life-threatening consequences so we are working collaboratively with other leading equine charities, researchers and campaigners to find solutions to help horse owners manage equine weight more effectively.

Redwings is part of the Equine Weight Management Roundtable to produce evidence-based guidance on feeding, forage, weight monitoring and support to owners. View our Weight management resources and guidance and join the Spillers Slimmers club on Facebook.

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Worm resistance

In large numbers, parasitic worms can be a serious threat to horse health. We know that worms are becoming resistant to the drugs we use to control them, and there are currently no new drugs available to use instead.

But there are things we can do to protect horses from a high worm burden, and to slow the rate at which resistance is spreading among these tiny but potentially deadly parasites. That's why we are part of the team behind CANTER - Controlling ANTi-parasitic Resistance in Equines Responsibly.

Read more about worms and ask yourself if you or your yard could update your approach to worming.

Positive interaction

No More ‘Naughty!’ 

Punishment of horses is never justified and it can make behaviours more dangerous and difficult to manage. We are passionate about the ethical management and handling of equines and advocate for evidence-based approaches. When horses do show behavioural issues, we tend to focus on addressing the human’s behaviour first.

Learn how to read and respond to your horse when stress levels rise and help us educate others by calling for an end to labels that justify punishment and dominance. Use the hashtag #NoMoreNaughty and download and share our Better Behaviour edition of Field Notes (PDF 1.2 MB).

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Infectious disease control

Checking your horse’s temperature has been a long-overlooked measure of a horse’s health. Spotting fever early allows horse owners to limit their horse's contact with others until infectious disease can be ruled out and can seriously reduce the impact of an outbreak. Knowing your horse’s normal resting temperature and taking temperatures regularly, especially when your horse travels or mixes with others, can allow you to be one step ahead of infectious disease.

Start a healthy horse habit today! Use our temperature checker to enter your horse’s temperature three or more times within one week and receive a record of your horse’s normal temperature.

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Love Horses, Love Redwings

Redwings is 100% funded by supporters like you.

With your help, we're able to make a significant impact on the lives of horses and donkeys throughout the UK.

If you are concerned for a horse's welfare, including if you suspect it has been mistreated or abandoned, you can report it here.

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