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Redwings strangles survey

Thank you to everyone who took part to #SpeakOutOnStrangles!

Taking your horse's pulse

Learn what's normal for your horse and get started with this handy "How to" guide.

Fantastic speakers, fun practicals and food for thought at our one-day event.

New donkeys at Redwings Mountains in Scotland

Redwings Mountains welcomes two new donkeys.


Celebrate with him at Redwings Mountains on 5th June.

Half term fun at Redwings Caldecott

…at Redwings Caldecott!

Half term fun at Redwings Ada Cole

Find out why this half term holiday.

Half term fun at Redwings Aylsham

Meet our mighty residents this half term.

Half term fun at Redwings Oxhill

…at Redwings Oxhill!