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Redwings statement regarding rescue operation on 26th April 2016.

A group of ponies collected from Bodmin

Redwings Horse Sanctuary assists multi-agency operation to round up 34 horses from the Moor.

East Susex round up

Joining forces will fellow welfare charities.

New National Equine Welfare Council guidance video launched.

Tilbury's care is ongoing at Redwings' Horse Hospital

Abandoned cob colt found suffering from a painful skin condition.

Pregnant mare Twiglet

A man from Harlow, Essex, has pleaded guilty to offences under the Animal Welfare Act relating to the neglect of the pregnant mare.

Severely neglected skewbald mare “is unrecognisable” having fought her way back to full strength.

One mare’s journey to trust humans again.

Scotland's Mountains Animal Sanctuary becomes part of Redwings.