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Outdoor theatre at Redwings is back! Join us at Caldecott Visitor Centre for two special performances suitable for all ages in August. 

We're saying a huge thank you to SPILLERS™ for their support as part of their most recent equine obesity campaign.

The feed company have pledged to convert equine weight loss kilos into £££s, to raise £5,000 for us here at Redwings.

It's almost birthday-time for more of your favourite Adoption Stars!

Sixteen ‘Best at Appleby’ welfare awards – organised by Redwings and supported by several National Equine Welfare Council members – were given out for equine health, happiness and horsemanship at this year’s Appleby Horse Fair.

We wrote to Her Majesty to inform her of the arrival of the colt in April, born safe and healthy to his mother Majesty who had been involved in a road accident whilst pregnant.

In our Welfare Corner, Beth Cooper writes about horse fairs like Appleby Horse Fair, taking place later this week (9th - 13th June).

Here at Redwings, we are joining in with the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations with royal-themed activities for you to enjoy at our visitor centres and online.

We are delighted to share with you some footage of foal Monarch enjoying being turned out on grass for the first time - just in time to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee!

The youngster - who was born to mum Majesty after she was hit by a car in Essex whilst pregnant - is seen frolicking and galloping in the video, after he and his mum experienced grass for the first time together at one of our Norfolk sites.

We're celebrating more of your special friends' birthdays in June!