Devastating and sudden loss of Adoption Star Wensley

We’re terribly sorry to start this New Year with some sad news; unfortunately our much-loved Adoption Star Wensley unexpectedly passed away on Saturday 4th January. He was 16 years old.

Miniature Shetland Wensley, who lived at Redwings Oxhill, spent some time at a local vets over the Christmas period due to sudden bouts of colic – a severe type of abdominal pain, which can be a sign of something very serious. The vets were hopeful he would recover, however on the morning of Friday 3rd January, his condition quickly deteriorated.

Unfortunately, Wensley was not a candidate for colic surgery because of existing health conditions, and he was in so much discomfort that the vets had no choice but to put him to sleep to ensure he did not suffer any further.

Little Wensley was rescued during a round-up on the Lincoln commons in 2004. A large group of horses and ponies had been left to fend for themselves in a semi-wild state without even a basic level of care. They needed urgent treatment for worms, overgrown feet and deformities caused by indiscriminate breeding.

In total, 72 ponies came to live at Redwings, some of whom were named after types of cheese, including Wensley!

Everyone at Redwings is truly devastated by the sudden loss of this very special boy and we know this will be felt greatly by his supporters too.

If you sponsor Wensley, you should have received a letter explaining what happens to your adoption. We will move your adoption over to another Adoption Star automatically, but if there’s an Adoption Star horse or donkey at Redwings you would particularly prefer, or if you have yet to receive your letter in the post, then please let our team know by calling 01508 481000 or emailing

RIP Wensley. We’ll never forget you.