Star patient: Dhansak

Over 1,500 rescued horses, ponies, donkeys and mules enjoy happy and healthy lives at the Sanctuary. But, just like us, every now and again they can feel poorly and require the attention of our vets.

We're very lucky at Redwings to operate our own Horse Hospital to help those residents who are feeling under the weather get back on their hooves again. We'd like to share with you the stories of some of the four-legged patients who pass through its doors and show the amazing work of our vet team - all of which could not happen without donations from our kind supporters.

Our first star patient is miniature Shetland Dhansak who you may recognise as he has a very important role here at Redwings as one of our education ponies. You may have met him in person yourself as he often travels to events, such as the Royal Norfolk Show and Suffolk Show.

Dhansak has recently had to spend some time at the Horse Hospital having became lame one evening with a very sore front foot. Our vet team x-rayed his foot and discovered a nasty abscess which wouldn’t drain so they popped a poultice onto his hoof, gave him a good dose of pain relief and made him a lovely deep bed in one of the hospital's stables, where he spent the night.

Thankfully that seemed to do the trick! The abscess soon started to drain and Dhansak spent a week under the loving care of our vet nursing team and his case vet, Rachael, who reports that he was a wonderfully sweet patient with a cheeky streak when it came to changing his poultice! 

We’re pleased to report that Dhansak is now fully recovered and back out in the paddock with all his friends. We caught up with him and his case vet Rachael for an update which you can enjoy watching below.

Many thanks to all of our kind supporters who enable our vet team to treat patients like Dhansak and his rescued resident friends. Thank you #RedwingsAngels!