Star patient: Adel

It’s probably not every day that a rare breed donkey arrives at one of the world’s most renowned equestrian veterinary surgeries.

Adel, one of our Poitou-cross donkeys who lives at our Oxhill Visitor Centre in Warwickshire, was recently admitted to Rossdales Equine Hospital in Exning for further investigation and treatment of a fractured cheek tooth.

She, of course, took along her best friend Leah for support!

Adel was sedated and Rossdales partner and dental expert Mark Grant performed an oroscopy whereby a small rigid camera was used to examine her fractured tooth before successfully extracting it.

She was discharged back into our care shortly after her dental procedure, returning home with a short course of anti-inflammatory painkillers.

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Photos courtesy of Rossdales.
Photos courtesy of Rossdales.

Adel and Leah are now back at Redwings Oxhill where they are spending some time in isolation together before rejoining their friends in the centre’s donkey herd.

Adel, who is 15, is a Poitou-cross donkey and arrived at Redwings in 2014 with her son Merlin, as well as best friend Millie and her daughter Arya – now one of our popular Adoption Stars.

The Poitou breed originates from France and there are only about 400 of these donkeys left in the world.

Thank you so much Mark and everyone at Rossdales for looking after our Adel and helping her feel much more comfortable.