Ruby finds her perfect match!

Happy ending for lonely donkey Ruby this Valentine's Day

Lonely donkey Ruby has had her Valentine’s wish granted at Redwings – she’s finally found the perfect friends.

Before coming to the Sanctuary in October 2015, six-year-old Ruby lived with an elderly pony and a flock of sheep. Like all young donkeys she was very playful, but her pony companion thought she was too energetic and the sheep all ran away and hid from her…it looked like poor Ruby would never find anyone to play with.

Donkeys are very sociable animals and can become depressed and unwell without friendship, so Ruby’s concerned owners asked if we could help find her some donkey playmates of her own. And thanks to our open door policy for donkeys, we welcomed her to our Ada Cole herd with open arms.

When Ruby first arrived at Redwings Ada Cole, she needed to spend some time in quarantine so her new carers hung a mirror in her stable to make sure she wouldn’t feel too lonely – all she had to do was look through the magic glass to see a fellow donkey staring back!

Soon Ruby was ready to meet her new friends – Del Boy, Rodney and Jessie – and thankfully it was love at first sight (particularly for Adoption Star Del Boy pictured below)!

Now Ruby always has donkey companions to have fun with and you too can meet this gorgeous girl by visiting her at Redwings Ada Cole in Essex. Click here for directions and opening times.