Happy retirement Muffin the mule!

Redwings Adoption Star Muffin the mule retires

Muffin the mule, our longest serving Adoption Star, has retired from the Redwings Adoption Scheme.

Handsome Muffin, who joined the scheme shortly after his arrival at the Sanctuary in 1987, turned 30 this year and, while he remains in good health for his age, it seemed like the right time for this special mule to take a step back from the limelight.

Muffin’s retirement simply means he is no longer available for new adopters, but those who currently sponsor him are still able to do so and will continue to receive updates from him on his latest adventures.

Muffin will also still be living at our Caldecott visitor centre, near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, so everyone can still enjoy his company!

Redwings Caldecott will also be hosting a series of family activities this half-term holiday, starting on Friday 20th October, and we hope as many people as possible will be able to come along to give Muffin a congratulatory cuddle or send a Happy Retirement card!

Lynn Cutress, Chief Executive, said: “Our magnificent Muffin is nothing short of a Redwings legend! This charming chap has been delighting his supporters, as well as raising the flag for mule-kind, for decades.

“He has lent a helping hoof to countless meets and greets, educational talks and guided walks at Redwings Caldecott, as well as always being ready to greet his visitors at his fence. We hope you’ll agree that this special mule now deserves a special retirement. Thank you to everyone who has supported Muffin throughout the years.”

The offspring of a male donkey and a female pony, Muffin was rescued alongside his mum Doris (pictured above) when he was just a few days old. The pair were due to be sold for slaughter at a local horse sale but we were able to offer them a new home instead. Sadly, poor Doris passed away after arriving at the Sanctuary when it was discovered she had an ulcer in her stomach. But thanks to lots of TLC from our care team, Muffin overcame his loss and grew up to become one of our most treasured residents.

Happy retirement Muffin… and thank you!