Lightening the load

Front cover of guide

With around a third of the UK’s pony population overweight experts are urging owners to revise their image of the healthy horse. For too long people have favoured the cuddly look and have not placed the same importance on horses being overweight as being underweight. This guidance is all about how to spot the podgy pony and some top tips for implementing the appropriate diet for your horse.

After diligently refreshing your routine body condition scoring, you may have noticed that you horse is over a body condition score of 3 and therefore is in need of going on a weight-loss diet. Remember to consult your vet for advice on weight management. They may advise that you have your horse tested to rule out any underlying conditions such as Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS).

Download our Field Notes Lightening the load (PDF) for guidance on healthy dieting for the overweight pony.

For more advice and information or to receive a hard copy of the guidance through the post simply email Related advice can be found on the use of grazing muzzles for weight management here.