Dhansak is a star patient


One of our much-loved education ponies, Dhansak, has been spending some time in our Horse Hospital recently recovering from colic surgery.

Head of Veterinary and Care Nicky Jarvis explains Dhansak's symptoms, treatment and recovery in the following video, or read on below to find out more:

On 25th September, 12-year-old Shetland pony Dhansak was found looking very poorly in his field.

On assessment, it was discovered he was suffering from colic as a result of his intestines becoming twisted. He was then rushed into surgery where our Head of Veterinary and Care Nicky Jarvis performed an operation to untwist his gut. This was major surgery and we are incredibly fortunate at Redwings to have our own fully-equipped hospital and an experienced in-house team of vets and nurses ready to perform the emergency procedure.

We’re delighted to say that Dhansak is recovering well. During the earlier stages of his recovery, he was wearing a very fetching ‘belly-band’ bandage that helped to keep his surgical scar clean and healing nicely.

You may recognise Dhansak as he is a Redwings regular at the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk shows. Over the years he has enjoyed countless cuddles with show-goers, and now he’s been working his magic on the Redwings’ vets and nurses too as he has become something of a star-patient, lapping up all the extra attention while he’s on the mend.

The nurses also take him on walks three times a day to let him stretch his legs. He is a very talkative pony and will soon tell them when it’s time to go back!

We couldn’t do any of this life-saving surgery or provide this loving aftercare without your help. Our Horse Hospital and our dedicated staff’s time is entirely funded and made possible by your kind donations so thank you from all of us and from Dhansak!

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