#CoronaChronicles: Week Four

In last week’s #CoronaChronicles, we asked you to join us as we pull together to make sure every one of our rescued horses and donkeys remains well cared for throughout the Covid-19 outbreak.

You have responded in your droves with thousands of pounds already being donated to help ensure we have the funds needed to face the challenges of the coming months. Thank you for your amazing support!

If forecasts for the economic impact of the coronavirus are even partly true, the charity sector will be enduring huge long-term funding deficits – and with over 1,500 animals relying on us for their daily care, we have to prepare now.

We understand you may be facing challenges too, but if you can, please consider making a donation by clicking here.

This week, we have also received more donations of hay, straw, carrots and even stable rugs from kind local businesses wanting to do their bit to make sure our horses have everything they need.

All of this support has been a wonderful boost for our equine carers, who are only able to strap on their boots every day and be there for our horses throughout this crisis because of you.

We’ve told you previously about the work of our veterinary team and equine carers, and how they’ve adapted their practices at our Sanctuary sites to help them stay safe. But what about our Field Officers who regularly work in the community advising owners on equine welfare and assisting with rescues?

While our welfare line is currently closed, we are still accepting reports of concern via email (welfare@redwings.co.uk) and are able to provide advice through this channel. Our Field Officers are also still investigating concerns - taking into account social distancing and travel distances - but are prioritising those cases that require the most urgent attention.

Our Field Officers have spent years proactively building strong relationships with other animal welfare organisations and local authorities in their communities – efforts that are really paying-off now during the coronavirus lockdown. By sharing information and working together, we are collectively able to investigate concerns while using fewer people, helping to keep our teams safe while ensuring incidents of neglect do not escalate into major welfare emergencies.

For those horse owners looking for some practical advice and tips on how to care for their own four-legged friend during the outbreak, we’ve also brought together a number of key sources of information into one, simple blog. Please click here to read more and to watch an example of a video you can replicate at home to help those who may need to care for your horse if you go onto self-isolation.

Whether it’s our own horses living at the Sanctuary, those requiring help in the community or horse owners facing their own challenges at this difficult time, we’re doing our best to ensure we’re still here to help.

Stay safe!