A guide to horse travel and transport

Help with loading and travelling your horse

Being a happy, or at least tolerant, traveller is key to a horse’s health and wellbeing.

Redwings transports horses over tens of thousands of miles every year.

We transport young and old in a broad range of circumstances; from transporting a rehoming pony to it’s new second-chance home to rescuing welfare cases, many of whom have never seen a lorry or had the careful training to make it a tolerable experience for them.

Successful transportation includes skills in vehicle maintenance, horse training as well as planning and organisation.

Our experience is laid out for horse owners and transporters in a handy guide to Equine Transport and Travel, which you can download here. It covers:

  • General principles of transporting horses

  • Training and re-training tips horses with problems loading

  • Advice for the journey itself

  • Legal requirements

  • Maintenance tips

For more advice, please email education@redwings.co.uk