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Anna Sewell House

Anna Sewell House in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, dates back to the 16th or 17th century and was the birthplace of Anna Sewell, author of beloved novel Black Beauty, in 1820. Redwings became custodians of the building in 2022 and we’re using this beautiful property to showcase the profound influence of Anna and her famous book on animal welfare, as well as our own work and how we’re continuing her legacy today.

Anna Sewell House has attracted interest from Black Beauty fans across the world, including Her Majesty The Queen who paid a special visit in 2023.


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“Anna Sewell House is an iconic building in our town with a rich history and important heritage. We are absolutely delighted that Redwings is the new guardian of the building. With Redwings’ vital role in animal welfare, we are sure this move will help ensure the building continues to be a key asset for both residents and visitors to Great Yarmouth.”

Councillor Graham Plant

Mayor of Great Yarmouth

“The text is based on the first edition of Black Beauty that Anna hand-dedicated to her aunts, which is now located at the Norfolk Heritage centre. It is designed to be as accessible as possible, produced in a font commissioned by the Braille institute, and will be entirely produced and printed in Norfolk. We hope that this special Redwings edition, putting Anna’s novel to work in the service of the horses she so loved, means we might finally be able to come to a proper reckoning with Norfolk’s most successful literary export.”

Professor Thomas Ruys Smith

The University of East Anglia

"Having lived in Great Yarmouth all my life, I have never had the opportunity to go inside Anna Sewell's House. It was lovely to be able to actually step inside where she was born. The ladies who staffed it were very helpful and answered all our questions."

Visitor to Anna Sewell House

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