"We Love Ponies" comes to you this half-term!

Over the February school holidays, we’d normally be hosting our “We Love Ponies” activities at our visitor centres, however we’re sadly still unable to do so.

Once again, we don’t want our young supporters to miss out, so we’re bringing some activities right to your living room, and this year in celebration of Valentine’s Day - we’re trying to spread some extra love!

Many of our horses form very close bonds with their field friends, so begin by matching up some of our centres' dynamic duos with our couples quiz (answers here), before having a go at filling in the blanks on some of our ponies with LOVE-ly names (answers here).

Once finished, virtually “meet” some of our team members' favourite ponies from Redwings Oxhill, who would normally be introduced during our walk and talk tours. It’s safe to say that our ponies form strong friendships with their carers, as well as their fellow four-legged friends!

Some of our centres would normally host pony grooming sessions, and while we're unable to do that for now, why not brush up on your horsey knowledge with our pony grooming quiz?!

Finally, make sure you also check out our “We Love Ponies” playlist on our Youtube channel to virtually meet and learn about some of our teeniest and most adorable residents – you won’t regret it!

You can find a full list of activities to get involved with here. Keep a record when completing your activities with this sheet, and once everything is ticked off – download your certificate!

Have fun and we hope to welcome you back soon!