Rescue from Gelligaer common

On Tuesday 27th April a team of eight staff including a veterinary surgeon from Redwings helped the RSPCA and the local authorities with two rescue operations on the Welsh commons.

Redwings helped remove 11 horses and a foal from Llangynidr Common under the Control of Horses Act and on the authority of Powys Trading Standards. They have been removed to a secure location while investigations are ongoing and Redwings has a pledged a home to this group if required.

Four of those rescued are also subject to animal welfare offences and the RSPCA are currently investigating their case so we are unable to release more details at this time. All horses have, however, been transported safely and are now receiving veterinary treatment and assessments as needed. Anyone with any information regarding the ownership of the Llangynidr horses should contact the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018.

The team then went to Gelligaer Common and helped the RSPCA and Caerphilly council remove seven horses and a foal under the Animal Welfare Act, as there were animal welfare concerns for this group. They have been moved to a separate facility and are under the care of the Caerphilly council while investigations into their case are ongoing.

If no owners are identified after 14 days, a court application will be made to transfer ownership of the horses to the RSPCA who will be able to continue their care as needed.

Anyone with information regarding these ponies can contact 0300 123 8018 or Caerphilly Borough Council on 01495 235291. Calls are treated in confidence. We will endeavour to provide more information if and when we can, but appreciate your support at this time.