Diary of a trainee runner

Week 2 Redwings Diary of a trainee runner

Distance: 3.75 miles

Time: 45 minutes

Weather: Wet wet wet – note my Scottish band reference here too!

What Dennis did: Dennis was too busy eating to come and say hello (can’t blame him!) so I changed my route to double back ten minutes later, and voila he was there to greet me with a slobbery-grassy hand lick. Made my day!

This week was most adventurous as I packed my running shoes off for a visit to our Scottish visitor centre, Redwings Mountains near Forfar, Angus.

My run round Camperdown Park in Dundee was certainly a change to the flat landscape of Norfolk, but as inspiration and a reward for my efforts I made sure to have a cuddle with new donkey arrivals to Mountains, Lucy and Orchid – so gorgeous.

Back at Redwings HQ, I think my regular horsey running spectators must have missed me as I seemed to be mobbed by cobs during the rest of my runs this week; one nibbled my shoe laces while another was after my headphones, cheeky!

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