Thyme to celebrate!

Redwings Thyme and Guardian Annabel

Beautiful Redwings Guardianship pony Thyme was awarded ‘Pony Most Suitable for the Pony Club’ in 2015 at the organisation’s South Norfolk branch to the delight of her young riders Scarlett and Annabel. Not only that, Thyme won the ‘Best Junior Dressage’ trophy, the 40cm and 50cm showjumping classes, and was Utility Pony Reserve Champion!

Thyme’s achievement is all the more remarkable when remembering the thin, unhandled, pregnant mare who we rescued in 2004.

Welsh pony Thyme was part of a herd of semi-feral horses found struggling with poor grazing, worms, lice and harsh winter conditions on exposed uplands in south Wales. Although less than two years old when she was rescued, Thyme was already heavily pregnant and gave birth to a healthy foal just 10 days after her arrival at the Sanctuary (foal Teasel is now in a loving Guardian home too!).

Redwings Thyme pictured with her baby Teasel, shortly after her rescue.

With her lovely temperament and beautiful blue roan colouring, we knew Thyme had lots of potential on our Guardianship Scheme. Applicant Sam Ramsey fell for Thyme instantly and knew she would be perfect for her two young daughters. Thyme has now been part of the Ramsey family for five years and they love her as much as ever!

“Thyme is the best pony I could ever wish for,” says younger daughter Scarlett. “She has given me so much confidence and I love her to the moon and back!”

Older sister Annabel also has lots of praise for Thyme: “She taught me so much and boosted my confidence, which had been lost with other ponies in the past. Nobody would ever guess that she was a rescue pony.”

Mum Sam says that she never worries about her daughters when they are riding Thyme. “I know she will always take good care of them even when we’re galloping across a stubble field at full speed! Thank you Redwings for entrusting the Ramsey family with this very special pony!”

We love a happy ending and thanks also go to the Ramsey family for giving this beautiful mare the loving home she deserves.