We say a sad goodbye to Poppet

We have sadly had to say goodbye to Poppet the donkey, a popular member of our long-eared herd at Redwings Caldecott in Norfolk and mum of Adoption Star Denise. She was 30 years old.

Pretty Poppet came to Redwings in 1996, when her daughter Denise was just a few days old. Unfortunately Poppet had developed mastitis (an inflammation of the mammary gland) and was unable to feed her newborn, so their owners called us for urgent help.

Both mum and foal travelled to the Sanctuary where Denise was given round-the-clock care by our veterinary nurses and equine care staff who took turns to bottle feed her morning, noon and night. 

The pair were signed over into the permanent care of Redwings and have been favourites among our visitors and supporters ever since. In recent years, Poppet and Denise lived together as members of our largest donkey herd at our Caldecott Visitor Centre, near Great Yarmouth.

Main - Poppet blog May 2018.JPG

Denise as a foal with her mum Poppet

Unfortunately, last November, Poppet was brought to Redwings’ Horse and Donkey Hospital needing extra TLC for a very sore eye. However, with her advancing years, Poppet had also begun to experience other health issues, including arthritis and problems maintaining her weight.

Despite every effort to help Poppet overcome her difficulties and continue to live a fulfilling life at the Sanctuary, our vet team decided with a heavy heart that the kindest thing to do would be to put her to sleep and she passed away on Friday 25th May.

We’re sure you’ll join us in saying how much this special little donkey will be missed. RIP Poppet.