Orphan donkey foal hailed as newest Adoption Star!

Donkey foal Arya hailed newest Redwings Adoption Star

With the ‘Winds of Winter’ blowing, we introduce our very own daughter of Winterfell.

Having delighted visitors at our Oxhill Visitor Centre since February with her lively character and irresistible fluffiness, we just could not resist making part-breed Poitou donkey Arya an Adoption Star!

Named after Arya Stark of George R. R. Martin’s fantasy novels by her previous owner, our donkey foal is a true warrior just like her Game of Thrones counterpart. Here’s her story so far…

Arya arrived at Redwings in August 2014, when she was just one-month-old, together with her mum Millie and their companions, mother and son Adel and Merlin. Sadly, their owner, a long-standing Redwings volunteer, was no longer able to provide the specialised care that a family of Poitou donkeys need, so we were happily able to give them all a new home.

Arya’s mum Millie was a full registered Poitou – a very rare breed of donkey originating from France, of which only 400 remain in the world. As well as sporting the traditional shaggy coat and standing at an impressive 14.2hh (that is, 41cm (16 inches)) taller than the average donkey), Millie unfortunately suffered from ongoing lameness issues (a condition that the Poitou breed is particularly susceptible to) and in January was put to sleep to ensure she did not suffer – leaving little Arya an orphan.

As donkeys form very close bonds, our veterinary team kept a close eye on the Poitou trio, but like a true survivor little Arya coped fantastically well and lived to fight another day. With the support of her companions and our care team, Arya, best friend Merlin and adoptive mum Adel were able to take up permanent residence at Redwings Oxhill in Warwickshire.

You can support Arya and her friends in their new home at Redwings by adopting her! A year’s sponsorship costs just £12.50 and every penny goes towards her daily care. So, to adopt Arya, whether for yourself or as a gift for a Game of Thrones enthusiast, simply click here!