Howell finds a new home

We’re delighted to have welcomed another pony rescued from Gelligaer Common in south Wales into the Sanctuary.

The semi-feral stallion, now named Howell but known locally as Picasso, was rescued in a joint operation between Redwings, the RSPCA, the British Horse Society and Caerphilly Council back in August.

Howell was discovered with an incredibly painful, untreated hoof abscess and was taken into the care of the RSPCA for immediate attention.

As he was not microchipped, the RSPCA launched an appeal for his owner to come forward. When no-one could be found, we offered Howell a new home at the Sanctuary and the process to bring him legally into our ownership began.

As courts start to reopen having temporarily closed as a result of Covid-19, this process is still underway, however in the meantime we transported Picasso to our specialist quarantine facility in Norfolk.

Here he received a thorough health assessment by our vets (as well as receive plenty of love and attention, of course!) to help establish the best course of ongoing care and which of our Sanctuary sites would best suit his needs.

We’re very happy to say that he has settled in well so far and can share this lovely photo of him exploring his new surroundings.

Howell’s story is similar to that of fellow Gelligaer Common ponies Harvey and Heidi, who were rescued and brought into the Sanctuary earlier this year. 

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