Equine welfare and the law explained

To help more people understand the breadth of our welfare work we have produced a new booklet, Equine Welfare and the Law.

Download your copy by clicking here.

The booklet explains how Field Officers and welfare teams can use the law to improve the lives of horses in all kinds of situations in a number of different ways. People are often surprised to learn that, while using the law to rescue horses and prosecute people who have committed an animal welfare offence is sometimes necessary, these steps are actually taken in a very small number of cases compared to situations where an owner is given advice and encouragement so they can improve a horse’s welfare themselves.

Working with owners allows far greater numbers of horses to benefit from Redwings’ intervention by receiving better care within their existing homes, while precious sanctuary spaces in fully-stretched charities like ours are reserved for those most in need.

Equine Welfare and the Law outlines some of the key elements of the core legislation in England and Wales – the Animal Welfare Act – that shape and reflect effective welfare work. It also lifts the lid on some of the challenges that affect how Redwings and other charities approach situations where a horse’s welfare is a concern.

Readers can also discover more about some of the special skills and resources that enable Redwings to play a key role in some of the UK’s most challenging welfare cases. But just as importantly, readers will discover that working in partnership with other organisations is an essential part of both rescue operations and education initiatives.

The booklet will be used to accompany the many talks, tours and activities that Redwings provides for students, as well as helping us to respond to the many enquiries about equine welfare that we receive.

If you would like to find out more about what Redwings can offer students of equine or animal management or related subjects, please just email education@redwings.co.uk

If you have concerns about a horse or donkey you have seen, please use our dedicated Welfare Helpline on 01508 481008 or email welfare@redwings.co.uk. These will connect you to a member of our welfare team who will have the knowledge to talk through your concerns. In an out of hours emergency, the RSPCA offers a 24-hour cruelty line on 0300 1234 999.