Say hello to new Adoption Star Dayzee!

New Redwings Adoption Star Dayzee

Say hello to a little rescued pony with a big personality who is the latest addition to our popular Adoption Scheme.

Shetland Cross pony Dayzee lives at Redwings Mountains, near Forfar in Angus,  and is being launched as our latest “Adoption Star” this Easter.

You can sponsor Dayzee for just £15 per year, with every penny going towards her care and that of her fellow rescued friends. If you want to get in there quick and sponsor Dayzee today, click here.

Everyone is also invited to welcome Dayzee onto the Scheme during a special party on Easter Monday, 2nd April, from 11.30am, where you’ll have the chance to enjoy a cuddle with the visitor centre’s newest VIP and watch her tuck into a celebratory cake!

Adorable Dayzee, who stands at just eight hands high (about 80cm), came to the Sanctuary in 2010 when she was only three months old in desperate need of specialist care. She was born with poor conformation (or body shape) for her breed which means her hips can easily dislocate, and her short legs also make her susceptible to lameness problems. But thanks to the dedication of her carers, Dayzee has grown up to be a happy and playful pony who visitors can’t help but fall in love with.

Dayzee will now join cob Gibson and donkey Minnie on the list of Adoption Stars currently available to sponsor at Redwings Mountains, previously Mountains Animal Sanctuary. The visitor centre re-opened under the new name in March 2016 following its merger with Redwings Horse Sanctuary the previous year.

Lynn Cutress, Chief Executive, said: “Dayzee is a really inspiring little pony whose story demonstrates the amazing care our team at Redwings Mountains provides for each of their rescued residents.

“Dayzee has been a favourite with visitors for years and it’s not difficult to see why! Despite her health challenges, her friendly and inquisitive nature means she’s often first to the fence to say hello. She’s a little star so it only seemed right to officially make her an Adoption Star!

“Her addition to our Adoption Scheme is also a wonderful way to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the opening of Redwings Mountains and I hope as many people as possible will be able to join us for Dayzee’s welcoming party on Easter Monday.”

When adopting Dayzee, you will receive a beautiful pack containing her story, photograph, a certificate and a friendship card, as well as in an invitation to Dayzee’s birthday party later in the year and access to her online multi-media diary full of stories and photographs from her life at the Sanctuary.

You can also visit her for free at Redwings Mountains every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, 10am to 4pm.