Redwings form partnership with fostering agency

Children First Fostering Agency

Children First Fostering Agency are an independent fostering agency based in Essex, but whose support and care covers a much wider area.

Following a visit to Redwings Ada Cole, and hearing how we offer loving homes to horses who have had a difficult start in life, the staff at Children First Fostering Agency thought we would make a great partnership.

We couldn’t agree more and are delighted to welcome the staff to our Ada Cole Visitor Centre on a regular basis where they can raise the profile of the agency and speak to potential carers.

The agency also adopt our adorable Shetland Tinkerbell, share our updates on their social media pages and encourage foster families to enjoy a free day out at our visitor centres, which is fantastic support for our charity. 

Staff at Children First Fostering have planned their next visit on Monday 10th April, so why not pop down to Redwings Ada Cole to meet them and our horses at the same time?

There will also be plenty of Easter holiday activities taking place all weekend and with International Carrot Day also happening on Monday 10th April Redwings Ada Cole really is the place to be!