“All I want for Christmas is…friendship!”

Redwings Fleetwood and Wood Green Bilbo

Redwings rescue horse Fleetwood has come to the rescue himself of a special horse at Wood Green, The Animal Charity, who was grieving the loss of his long-term companion.

Wood Green recently approached us for help while looking for a new buddy for their horse Bilbo, who lives at their Godmanchester site near Cambridge and whose best friend of 10 years, Cherokee, had sadly passed away.

Knowing how devastating it can be for a horse to lose a companion, our Rehoming Team quickly identified black cob Fleetwood as a suitable new friend for poor Bilbo. 

Fleetwood, now five years old, was one of 23 horses rescued by Redwings from a site in South Wales in 2012 having been found in an upsetting state of neglect.

However, fully recovered from his previous ordeal and having completed his training, Fleetwood arrived at Wood Green in November. Early signs indicated that the pair instantly struck up a close bond and Fleetwood will now join Bilbo to help Wood Green educate its visitors about horse welfare.

Rachel Angell, Redwings Operations and Rehoming Manager, said: “With his fun and friendly character, Fleetwood deserved to find a loving new forever home and we’re thrilled that he has found that with Wood Green, especially as he and Bilbo will be teaming up to help spread the word about the importance of horse welfare, which is central to everything we do here at Redwings. We hope they’ll be really happy together and enjoy many new adventures!”

Charlotte Ford, Wood Green’s Section Manager for Field Rehoming, added: “After meeting Fleetwood I was amazed at how similar he looked to Bilbo – they look like twins! His demeanour and character is very similar to Bilbo too, and although Fleetwood is a lot younger, Bilbo is very much young at heart and needed someone to play with.

“Seeing Bilbo’s face when Fleetwood turned up was priceless and I can happily say that they have bonded very quickly. Bilbo’s spirit has lifted and Fleetwood has been very accepting of his new home and family. Thank you so much Redwings!”

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