Beautiful Bert

Best friends Clydesdale Bert and Redwings Guardian Nikki

Beautiful Clydesdale cross Bert was one of more than 60 horses, ponies and donkeys that came to Redwings from Spindle Farm near Amersham in 2008. Over 100 equines in total were rescued from the site where many others had already died from appalling neglect.

Seeing Bert and his Guardian Nikki out and about today, it is hard to imagine what this sweet natured chap has been through. Whether it’s cross country, show jumping or long, leisurely hacks, the two clearly just enjoy each other’s company. Nikki and Bert have even patrolled some of Norfolk’s rural roads as part of Nikki’s special police constable role – Bert really can turn his hoof to anything!

Nikki freely admits that she is quite besotted with Bert: “He’s got such a nice nature, but has loads of character too. Just this week he decided he’d had enough of me tidying his mane in the field and ran off bucking and squealing straight to the muddiest patch he could find so he could roll himself in it. He looked very pleased with himself!”

“Redwings’ Guardianship scheme is fantastic’ continued Nikki. “I would recommend anyone looking for a horse or pony to consider taking on a rescued equine. Even those that have been through hell, like Bert, can put their past behind them and give you their all. And knowing what Bert has been through makes him all the more special and deserving of every ounce of love and care I can give him.”