Things that go “neigh” in the night

Find out how Redwings' cares for its donkeys after dark

Ever wondered what horses and donkeys get up to after dark? Well, we’re giving visitors to Redwings Aylsham a sneak peek behind the scenes!

On Wednesday 28th October, during the autumn half-term, we’re hosting a special Aylsham After Dark event, where visitors will be treated to a moonlight tour of the centre to meet all our wonderful horses and donkeys, as well as looking out for notorious escape artist Blackie – the life-size model horse!

Two tours of the centre are available on the evening – one at 7pm and another at 8pm – and offer a valuable insight into how the Redwings team care for their residents after dark, as well as answering any questions you may have about what horses and donkeys get up to when the visitors have gone home, the centre closes and the sun goes down. Do horses sleep lying down? Are donkeys afraid of the dark?

The night-time really is full of excitement and intrigue; for some like Adoption Star donkeys Wiggins and Wacko the night means bedding down in a comfy field shelter, for others it is full of possibilities – like cob Amigo, whose sensitivity to sunlight means he has to wear a UV rug by day, but by night he can happily disrobe and trot around to his heart’s content!

With a Halloween supper, gruesome games and a goody bag to take home visitors are in for a real treat (not trick!).  

Advance booking is required for the evening and spaces are limited so call 01263 732243, email or pop into the centre.

Adults can enjoy the fun for £10, payable on the evening, and kids go completely FREE! (Maximum one children per adult). Doors open at 6.30pm with the first tour kicking off at 7pm.