Preparing for fireworks checklist

Keep your horse safe this fireworks season

Remember remember to keep your horse happy on 5th November! Fireworks can be frightening for horses, so we've created the following checklist to help keep your horse safe through the festive season.

You can also download and keep a copy of our checklist here.

  1. Find out about potential fireworks displays in your local area.

  2. Keep to your usual management routine unless there are real benefits to changing it (such as moving your horse further away from known fireworks events).

  3. Keep friends together. Your horse will cope better with his pals around.

  4. If you have a new horse or a horse in a new environment at this time of year, monitor them particularly closely to get an idea of if and how they are affected.

  5. If you’re unable to be with your horse to monitor his behaviour, make sure you have a trusted and knowledgeable friend who can help and that you are available at the end of the phone in the event of an emergency.

  6. Give them something to distract them, such as a little extra hay or a treat ball. For stabled horses, you could try a mirror in the stable. Remember to trial this before fireworks season to make sure they are happy.

  7. Try leaving a radio or relaxing music playing to mask the noise from fireworks and spectators.

  8. Double check there are no potential hazards including checking fencing, gates and electric fencing to ensure that the risks to a spooked horse are minimised.

  9. Don’t plan any rides, evening hacks or book the school. Keep yourself as safe as your horse!

  10. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher close at hand in preparation of any stray fireworks.

  11. Don't forget to check your paddock or yard for old fireworks after the event.