Generous donation will help keep residents fed for another winter!

Following their kind donation of 20 bales of hay last autumn, our Redwings Oxhill visitor centre, in Warwickshire, has received another donation of 50 bales of hay from Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve. This is now the third donation made by owner David Orr (pictured above).

A year of challenging weather conditions, beginning with the “Beast from the East” back in March and followed by intense summer heat, has resulted in us having to open the winter hay supply a little earlier than expected, so David’s donation will go a long way into helping keep our Oxhill residents fed this winter.  

David said: “When we began to cut and bale our wildflower meadow a few years ago, we were looking for a way to pass on the hay that was in keeping with the spirit and ethos of Sun Rising.

“Locally, the work of Redwings is highly valued. The staff at the Oxhill centre are wonderful, positive people and the atmosphere there is always welcoming and friendly. We were also tickled to hear that the donkeys enjoy some of the crunchier hay that comes from the knapweed in our meadow mix!

“For the past three years, our grass has been cut and baled by local farmer Michael Gibbs. Generously, he has done this without charge as a quiet donation to Redwings. Also this year, our grave-diggers Chris Shelton and Jamie Robbins kindly loaded and transported the bales to the Redwings on their trailer.”

We’d like to thank David Orr, for his generous donation, his team for helping to deliver the hay and Michael for cutting and baling the hay.

If you’re a business owner and think you can make a donation or volunteer your services to Redwings, contact us on 01508 481000 or email