Stablegraze kindly donate new feeder

Stablegraze have kindly donated one of their automatic horse feeders to our rescued residents at Redwings. 

These automated feeders are designed to be able to feed stabled horses - either food or forage - little and often, which is how their stomachs are designed to eat. They also have a handy control panel that specifies the time required between each feed, ensuring that the horse is fed at the right time with the right amount of food.

Our first four-legged volunteer to try out the feeder was little Shetland pony Gretel who has been spending some time in our Horse Hospital recently. As you can see, Gretel soon got to grips with the new technology!

Thank you again to Stablegraze for their very generous gift.  If you would like to find out about the ways you can help make a difference to the lives of the rescued horses in our care, simply click here.