Brave Kerry-Anne takes to the skies…

Fundraise for Redwings

Congratulations to our very own Visitor Centre Team Member Kerry-Anne Smith who raised £278 by conquering her fear of heights… and jumping out of a plane!

Kerry-Anne, who works at our Mountains Visitor Centre, near Forfar in Angus, jumped from a height of 10,000ft during a skydive in August.

“Since I started working for Redwings I knew I wanted to do something to raise money,” said Kerry-Anne. “The charity truly is dedicated to providing a safe home for equines and I get to witness that every day at work.

“So many of our horses, donkeys and mules have been through traumatic and horrific circumstances so I wanted to do something that I would personally find challenging – heights!”

Kerry-Anne added: “On the day of my skydive I was remarkably calm - until I got in the plane! It was a fantastic experience and when I felt my confidence falter (the moment the door opened) I just thought about why I was doing this – for the horses.”

Kerry-Anne set a fundraising target of £250 but went on to raise a fantastic £278! Well done Kerry-Anne!

Have you been inspired by Kerry-Anne’s story? Take on a personal challenge and raise funds for Redwings… and make sure to tell us about it too! Get in touch about your fundraising efforts here.